“Alli artisti”, that was the dedication made by Paganini out of his 24 caprices for violin, an Italian phrase that stands for “all the artists”; said lack of specification is maybe today the Paganini Project´s trigger, an initiative in Miami, over 4.9 thousand miles from the great composer´s Genova, and besides around 200 years after they were written, Venezuelan flutist Eva Moreno assumes the challenge of versioning the unpredictable and particularly virtuous Paganini´s Caprices, enriching their fantasy with incorporation of new rhythms like Jazz, Blues, and even elements of the Venezuelan traditional music.

This project, ambitious both in its concept and construction starts with release of its first video, specifically Caprice Number 16 where the flutist has participation of great musicians: the recognized and versatile Cuatro performer Hector Molina, on the bass, the living legend Elvis Martinez, and the inventive and creative percussionist Yilmer Vivas.

Paganini Project bears itself the very composer´s spirit, it has a deep thirst in achieving new sound alternatives, no doubt this project is a tribute in deep sense to whom was a star of stage at his moment, in words of Eva Moreno: a man ahead of his time.